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A patient was diagnosed with kidney failure and underwent kidney transplant under the supervision of Dr Govardhan Reddy and Dr Vidya Shankar at Aster CMI Hospital.

At Aster CMI, we have taken safety measures to help you and everyone stay safe and decrease your chances of getting affected to coronavirus. With advanced healthcare facilities, patients who need kidney transplant should follow the CDC's guidelines on how to stay safe and avoid corona infection or spreading germs.
Safety tips to avoid COVID-19:
1. Mandatory use of masks for patients as well as doctors and nursing staff.
2. Keep at least 6 feet distance between yourself and others
3. Wash your hands regularly with hand sanitizer and do not touch your nose, mouth and hands.

Dr Govardhan Reddy - Lead consultant in urology and uro oncology says we have performed successful kidney transplant without any risks due to COVID-19. We have taken the necessary precautions needed for COVID-19 for patients like isolation rooms, separate OT's for Testing and transplant ICU's are separated from other ICU's.

We feel that this is needed for a safe environment for our patients. All the necessary precautions have been taken and need not worry to visit Aster CMI. I would advise that anyone who needs a kidney transplant to come forward for treatment at Aster CMI hospital.

Dr Vidyashankar P - Lead consultant in Nephrology says that during the season of COVID-19, everyone is scared to visit the hospital. But we have streamlined the program well by taking utmost precautions for these patients undergoing kidney transplants as they are at high risk of exposure for infections. We have performed around 5 kidney transplants which went very well.

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