Now I am a heartthrob popular celebrity in Bangladesh!

Now I am a heartthrob popular celebrity in Bangladesh !

I am Dr. Sabrina, I would like to tell you about my autobiography that was totally untold. I became a cardiac surgeon with a view to provide health care for cardiovascular diseases.

Though I am a doctor, in addition, I also blessed with a public grabbing lovely face , for my eye catching appearance, I cherished another secret dream to become a heart-throb popular heroine in the film industry of Bangladesh .

I took part in many TV talk shows on health issues highlighting to accelerate my personality for becoming a celebrity. For catching the attention of the film directors, producers as well as for the public I posted my erotic photos in social media. Social media flooded and overflowed by my nude photos-shoots . I involved in erotic romance. Truly speaking, I didn’t get the chances to prove my heroine personality. My dream didn’t come into reality.

No one’s life stops. My life didn’t stop. I started my new journey indecent lifestyle.
I indulged in fraudulence and nefarious activities. I swindled 8 crore Bangladeshi Taka by issuing fake CoViD-19 certificates without conducting any test of the collected samples. I came to light on my fake corona test scams surfaced.

Detective Branch of the Bangladesh Police arrested me over my active involvement in the COvid -19 fake certificates scam in Dhaka . Now I am in remand under police custody. My such heinous misdeeds and my direct involvement in the scam are the nefarious act to the police. I was sent to jail in deception charges .

I had a lot of opportunities and infinite possibilities to build up a dynamic career in the heath industry as cardiac surgeon. I misused these opportunities and the probabilities. I could grab a bright future and a wonderful life. I don’t care of it. I have nothing to lose .

It goes without saying, believe it or not, now I am a real popular celebrity in Bangladesh. My dream has come into true. I proved myself dramatically. What kind of food items I am eating listed in my breakfast menu in the police custody, all TV channels and print media are very busy to cover this as breaking news and hot topics. What am I saying, my each dialogue is becoming a viral news. People go crazy to see me for a moment. Are you noticed that? That’s a tale of a doctor’s rise as a celebrity.

This documentary published on July 31, 2020 from Toronto, Canada.

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