Locum GP Tips (2020)

Join DrGandalf of eGPlearning and Dr Surina Chibber of My Locum Manager LIVE as they detail all you need to know about starting as a locum GP in 2020 including finance, consulting, and loads of tips.

My Locum Manager: https://mylocummanager.com/

Red whale Online Consultation webinar: https://www.gp-update.co.uk/webinars

18:15 Video consultations for Locums
37:30 How to be more productive as a locum
57:00 Tech for GP locums

Harmonizely: https://bit.ly/Harmonizelyegplearning

Lastpass: https://bit.ly/egplearningLastpass

Feedback: https://bit.ly/locumtipsfeedback20
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