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These are three steps that you can take for killer weight loss motivation. Also includes a simple way to lose weight. How you can develop motivation and how you can keep existing motivation. And in those three steps i will include the psychology of weight loss and the actual action you will take to reach your weight loss goals and that body that you deserve. Also develop a mindset for losing weight and become fit. After you watch the video you will be able to answer these three questions:
1) What do you really want?
2) Why do you want it?
3) How to get it?

First Step: Change Your Limiting Beliefs.
Number one projector that determines your success is your own belief that you will succeed.

Step Two: Goal Setting.
When we get clear on what we want and make a plan how to get it. Our unconscious mind will help us get there, than if you are just wondering around.

Third Step: Strategy.
When we find a proven way that worked for other people to achieve goals that we have for ourselves,and just take action and follow a proven path.
Strategy consists of taking small steps, before you change your beliefs with results you won't be able to take massive action,so we are going to take it slow, otherwise you would just get frustrated and quit.Stay away from high calorie foods, and use a diary to measure one day how much you eat and than just eat less other day. I also recommend eating a salad because it balances your acid alkaline and it help you burn fat faster because of healthier metabolism. Eat less sugar because it increases your insulin levels in your blood and you will burn fat slower because insulin is the biggest weight loss enemy.

Extra Tip: We can't succeed in Weight Loss until we decide that enough is enough and that we are going to lose weight no matter what !!!

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