【DaAi Headlines】20200801

●Tzu Chi volunteers visit the flooded areas of Anhui Province to evaluate the needs of the affected communities.
●The overseas internship programs are disturbed for vocational and technical school students due to COVID-19 in Taiwan.

Welcome to Da Ai Headlines. I’m Joyce Ho. Thank you for joining us. After two months of torrential rain and tremendous flooding across the major rivers in China, the continual water discharge by the Wangjiaba Dam in Anhui Province affected over two thousand people located in the flood basin. Tzu Chi volunteers visited the disaster areas to evaluate the best way to help the affected people.

During the pandemic, Tzu Chi Indonesia Chapter has been cooperating with the military and police forces to distribute relief supplies. Recently, more than 2,000 food cartons have been handed out in Bandung and Tangerang to the families in need, securing a stable food source for a period of time.

The renovation of the Tzu Chi Grounds in Philippines continued during the pandemic. Not only the interior refurbishment is almost finished, the replicas of the wooden hut and Jing Si Abode are also close to completion, hoping to attract more people to do good deeds.

China Tzu Chi volunteers and Rewa Association visited the remote regions of Qinghai Highland to provide health screening services for the local nomads. A former patient Pu Cuo came to help as a translation volunteer and introduces treatment possibilities to those in need, bringing hope to the local community.

A sutra performance took place at Xindian’s Jing Si Hall in Taipei by young volunteers from the Jing Si Books and Cafe. This year’s theme is "purification at the source", and the children learned a lot, from the importance of recycling to the adoption of vegetarian diet.

Love’s true power comes from its purity.

A new series today looks at the effects of COVID-19 upon the students’ schooling plans and the graduands’ employment opportunities. The first report focuses on the adjourned or cancelled schedules of overseas internships for vocational and technical school students in Taiwan. Let’s take a look at how the students have been and will be dealing with the effects of the widespread epidemic.

5th year nursing students from Tzu Chi University of Science and Technology visited Guanshan, Taitung to experience the provision of long-term care for elderlies with dementia. They started by giving self-introductions and designed interactive activities to build confidence for their future clinical work.

Tzu Chi University of Science and Technology humanity club students held a children’s summer camp at Shumei Elementary School in Kinmen, Taiwan for the first time. The camp did not only include classes on humanity, ecology, art and science, it also included free eye examinations. Let’s join them there.

In Dongguan, Guangdong, a pair of mother-daughter Tzu Chi volunteers Cheng Junmei, and Cheng Shiwen offered the 1st floor of their newly renovated home and office as a Tzu Chi recycling point at Gedi, hoping to encourage the neighboring residents to collect and sort recyclable materials.

Dongguan Tzu Chi volunteers have been promoting environmental awareness in the community for many years, leading to the active participation of the local residents. Let’s take a look at the Humen Xinyuan community on a recycling day, where all of the residents take part in the recycling action.

Dallas Tzu Chi Great Love Preschool teachers designed a drive through graduation ceremony to celebrate the children’s achievements while keeping safe social distance. Thank you for joining us. See you next time.

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